Illustration renaissance

I found this illustration on the net. It is a piece to start an article which begs the question 

“Illustration is in demand and everyone wants a piece of the action. How and why has this happened and is it here to stay? Lawrence Zeegen investigates…”

My reasons for choosing to put this image on my blog is because i like the use of space within the image. there is no negative space within the image, which has cramed the internal images together, which challenges the viewer to have to decifer the contents of illustaration and break it down so that it can be digested.

I also like the use of colour and tonal values which harmonise in this image which brings the caos of it all to a calm reserved piece of artwork. it is truely a piece where you have to read between the lines in my opinion.


~ by sketchbitch on January 19, 2009.

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