Fashion Illustration

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I looked into fashion illustration also, because i believe that fashion and graphic design are very closely liked and many influenced of graphic design orginate from fashion. i liked the simplicity of the inked outline drawing and was admittedly first attracted to this because of the beauty of the figure and or the swift care free lines used to draw it. the very light shading although subtle, add great affect. This images is a statemnt that you don’t need to be bold to be beautiful.


B&W Bangers

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As far as i can see, i think this image really speaks for itself and very little needs to be said. It needs no colour, no explination, and needs no reasoning. I truely love the shapes, the 3D, the flat, the value of space, the perspective, the texture, the tonal value …. the list goes on. 

There is little i know about the artist and the following is all the information i could retrieve at this moment :

The latest installment of my favorite black and white print collection, B&W Bangers, featuring the deft illustration work of MWM, is out and is totally rocking. Printed on heavy stock and ready for framing, this series of awesome illustration prints comes in a limited run of 500, and is signed and numbered.”

Random but Beautiful

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My reason for choosing this image is not because it is anything like my style , but because it is completely different. although i consider myself to already have a certain style i would like to venture out and try new things. For me to create something inspired by this image would be something new to me. i like the visual play of how the software comes out and is alive and full of colour. As these icons jump out into the real world it is almost like we are jumping into the unreal world. I love the bold thick colours, and the smooth contours of it all.

Random Illustration

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I instantly fell in love with this illustration due to the fine blend of the smooth curves of the lettereing and the sharp edges of the shapes within it. To give this letter character and life the artist has created textures and patterns and thrown them into this mix of fraid strands of the letter form almost creating a series of images within this image.

I am unsure of the artists name at present or for what purpose this piece of art was created but it has visual appeal and inspiration within it that i will use as an influence in my future work.

Following my interests in anime and manga

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I have redently in the past year found an interest in anime and manga and have been working on my own personal external project creating anime and manga characters myself. the things that fascinate me about manga and this image is the fascinating shapes, the bodies idealisation, the eyes, and the generall attraction of the characters. it is very rare you will find an anime character drawn to be ugly. i know it sounds shallow but i am drawn by beauty in most pieces of art whether it be symbolic, fantasy, or animated.

Another interesting find

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This kind of image is the kind i aspire to. I love the fanstasy look of it all, the black, the white, the lowlights, the highlights, the bold, the subtle, and then the suprising bright dash of colour in a sea of monachrome. With my magazine design i had these theories in mind. and although i might not feel that i have achieved this as well as this image has i feel i am still learning and still improving and have created something to my own style.

Evgeny Kiselev

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I don’t currently know alot about this digital artist at this time although i will investigate him further. I like his messy loose style, which loosely links patterns and textures in an undeffined ramble of subtle tones and minimal colour. I also love the way he has contrasted the gently tones and cold colours with a bold and harsh outlining and blocking in of black to create drama.